Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Dash Cam

What exactly is a dash cam? It's a video camera that attaches to your car's dashboard or windshield so you can record and review everything that happens while you're driving your car. Think of it as your insurance policy in case of any accidents, so it's best to buy the best dash camera for car you can afford. But why do you need one?

The following are 8 reasons why having one will benefit you immensely! These reasons will give you enough convincing power to convince anyone else who has no idea about dash cams.


1. Proof in case of accidents

We tend to drive faster, more aggressively, and more distracted than we should. When we're driving, it's important to keep our eyes on the road ahead of us. Unfortunately, there are drivers out there who don't follow these rules. A dashcam is a great way to provide evidence that you were not at fault for an accident caused by another driver. In some cases, such video footage could help prove your innocence in situations where you would have otherwise been considered liable for damages and injuries sustained by others. For instance, if someone slams into your car from behind while you're stopped at a red light, a dash cam can help show that they ran through multiple stop signs before colliding with you. Without such footage, it may be difficult to convince authorities that they had any other choice but to ticket them for reckless driving or worse.


2. Peace of Mind

One of our top reasons to buy a dash cam for your car is for peace of mind. With camera footage, you can more easily prove fault in an accident and reduce your liability in a crash. Whether you're working with your insurance or hiring a lawyer, video can make all the difference when it comes to proving responsibility. That's why we recommend starting with one that has built-in GPS functionality,it will record how fast you were going before an accident, which will make it easier to pinpoint who was at fault. For instance, if someone rear-ends you on the highway, there's no way they could have stopped in time unless they were going extremely slow. But if your dash cam records them driving 80 miles per hour just seconds before impact, it makes their claim much less believable.


3. Avoid future speeding tickets

Speeding tickets are expensive and dangerous, but speeding tickets happen more often than you think. If you drive a lot, chances are you've either gotten one before or know someone who has. While many actions can be taken to try to avoid them, sometimes it seems like speeding is inevitable. If you have a dash cam in your car, however, you can use it as proof in court to help fight against those pesky tickets and keep yourself protected if someone causes an accident while trying to avoid getting caught.


4. Save on insurance premiums

Your dash cam can pay for itself in only a few months. When insurance companies notice your proactive approach to safety, they may offer you discounts on your premium or not increase it at all. Depending on how much time you spend driving every day, investing in a dash cam could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. It's also worth noting that most dash cams are quite affordable, so there's no need to worry about spending too much money. 


5. Access footage from anywhere in the world

It's worth noting that not all dash cams feature a way to access footage from anywhere in the world, which means you may need to return home to see what your camera captured. In some cases, connecting your camera to a computer is enough to view footage, but other cameras require an SD card reader for users to download the video. If you are traveling abroad and something happens with your car, having easy access to footage could make the difference between insurance fraud and resolution. For example at Offerhub, we recommend Camera's dash cam for its ease of use: Just plug it into your cigarette lighter, sync it up with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and start recording. You can even set up geofencing so that it will automatically begin recording when you enter a pre-determined area for instance if you know you'll be driving through an area known for theft.


6. Help you record other reckless drivers

Accidents do happen and dash cams can help protect you from other reckless drivers. Dash cam video footage is admissible in court, so you have a definitive way to show what happened in case of an accident. Save money on car insurance: Insurance companies tend to give discounts for drivers who have installed a dash cam. Most insurers offer up to 10% discount just for installing one! Good proof of damages: If you are ever involved in an accident with another driver and that driver does not want to take responsibility for his/her mistake, then your dashboard camera will be a great source of proof that you were not at fault.


7. You can enjoy the scenery

It's no secret that many people like to take in the scenery while they drive. However, they might not realize that many accidents and fatalities occur because of reckless driving. What's more, other drivers who are distracted by their cell phones might end up causing an accident or veering into your lane, which could have been prevented if you had a dash cam with GPS tracking technology. Having a dash cam installed in your vehicle allows you to watch back your footage and save any footage of incidents caused by other drivers so you can report them to their insurance companies later on.


8. Help you receive advanced warnings

Most of these dash cameras feature built-in sensors that are capable of detecting abrupt changes in speed and direction, which allow them to alert you when there's an incident (or potential incident) occurring ahead. Because many offer G-sensor features, they'll help you receive advanced warnings when a collision is imminent. For example, if you're approaching a vehicle from behind at a close distance but it suddenly slams on its brakes for no apparent reason, your camera will automatically detect that and let you know about it. This kind of technology can save lives.



At Offerhub, we are committed to offering our customers nothing but best on dash camera at affordable prices. We have a wide range of dash cameras for cars, so you can easily find one that meets your needs and requirements. Each dash camera has its unique features, so you will find one that suits your preferences.

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