Why Floor Lamps Are Your Interior Design Secret Weapon In 2022

Floor lamps refer to the lamps that people use as light sources on their floors. Some people also refer to them as table lamps, desk lamps, and reading lights because they are typically used while sitting or standing at a work station. 

The following are why floor lamps are your interior design secret weapon in 2022;

1) Brighten Up The Corners

Many people have a bad habit of leaving their lights on whether they are in the room or not. This makes the room darker when you return to it. A floor lamp is a great option because it can be moved around to where it is most needed, such as in a corner or near an entryway. This will ensure that you get adequate lighting even if you do forget to turn off your lights before leaving a room at night.

The corner floor Lamp also provides a soft, warm glow. They will take your room's lighting from harsh and cold to warm and cozy. You can use a floor lamp to make reading more enjoyable or just to make you feel more comfortable when sitting in a dark room. This can be especially helpful for children who may have trouble falling asleep if the room is too bright at night.


2) They Are Movable

Most people keep their floor lamps in one place, such as next to their reading chair or side table. If you have a child in your home or you use floor lamps for different tasks, such as for studying, reading, or watching movies, then you may want to keep your floor lamps in different places. However, floor lamps are fairly light and can be moved from room to room if needed.

The ability to change where your lamp is placed makes them more versatile than table lamps. This makes them a good option for people who have a lot of places in their home where they want to read or use lights.


3) They Are A Decorative Piece

Floor lamps can be decorative pieces as well as practical ones. They usually come in many different styles, so you can find one that matches the rest of your furniture.

When using floor lamps for decorative purposes, make sure you pick one with staying power. You can find floor lamps that will last for many years with good care. They are typically made of metal or wood, so you need to make sure they are durable and will not crack or get damaged over time.

Also, make sure all the pieces of your floor lamp including the base and the armrest are properly attached so it won't fall apart after a while. This is especially important when choosing a floor lamp for decorative purposes because it may be considered as an investment piece to be used in a room.


4) Floor Lamps Are More Versatile Than Table Lamps

Table lamps are usually used as an accent piece on a table or desk, while floor lamps are usually used throughout the entire room. Therefore, they can be used to provide more lighting than table lamps can in a smaller space. At the same time, metal floor lamps come in various shapes and sizes making them a great option for many people looking for visual appeal.

For this reason, it is also a good idea to choose floor lamps that can fit in with other pieces of furniture in the room. You may want to place table lamps on your nightstand for reading, but you can use floor lamps for extra lighting on a bedside table or in a living room.


5) Floor Lamps Save Energy & Money

Floor lamps will use less electricity than ceiling lights or traditional table lights. This is because they are closer to the ground and point downward. You can also put a dimmer on your floor lamp to decrease lighting costs even further.

When buying always check on power consumption ratings on a home's municipal supply. The rated electricity usage is the number of kilowatts that go through the lamp per hour.


6) They Add Elegance & Height

Standing lamps, or floor lamps, fit in with the rest of your furniture. When you prefer to sit on a chair at a table or poolside in an outdoor setting, use a floor lamp as it will provide height. Floor lamps have typically up to 15 inches of height. This is the average height and can go up to 20 inches if they are taller than standard ones. A 15-inch height is the most common and can reach 16 inches but this will depend on the lamp's styling and design.


7) They Are Easier To Maintain Than Table Lamps

Table lamps may require adjustment when you are trying to read or watch TV. With floor lamps, shortening their cord is all that is needed. This is especially true of those with a plug-in base you can use the extra parts from if it gets damaged or wears out.

A floor lamp will usually have a socket for an electrical cord that goes straight into the light's base. You may need to adjust the cord length, but this is easy to do and happens every day.


8) They Are A Simple And Inexpensive Way To Get Lighting

There is little to no effort needed to get a floor lamp in place. It does not take a lot of time, not much space, and hardly any money investment. If you do want a floor lamp for decorative purposes, you need only purchase it once and place it in different places as needed for aesthetic purposes.

The modern floor lamp is definitely a frequent piece of design, whether it be for decorative reasons or to save money. They are so useful and practical that it is recommended to have one in every home in order to save the energy and money spent on electricity while ensuring that they provide light without fail.



With all the benefits that floor lamps have to offer; they have become interior design secret weapon in 2022. If you decide to purchase one, you need to choose a perfect lamp that fits your interior design. There are so many models but not all of them are effective due to the difference in price. Choose a lamp that will fit your room's design and make it brighter.

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